Program aids veterans




They’re some of the nation’s unsung heroes.

Military veterans serve their country at home and overseas, in some of the most dangerous and desolate places in the world. They go into battle – and some make the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives so others may live in peace and with freedom.

But when many of these soldiers return home, another battle begins. One that many military service men and women never expect once they retire or are discharged from service.

“In the military, you don’t worry about where you’re going to stay, eat or wear,” said former Marine Staff Sgt. Antonio Thames. “Then you come back here and try to provide for your family and pay utilities and rent. It’s totally different.”

Thames served in the United States Marine Corps for 16 years, working his way up to staff sergeant and chief of communications at his base. He also completed three tours to Iraq, serving at the height of the second Gulf War in places like Ramadi, Fallujah and Al Asad off and on between 2002 and 2007.

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