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ProAutomated Joins the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans.

ProAutomated provides comprehensive, strategic and customized lighting solutions to both commercial and residential clients. The company designs and implements advanced lighting strategies specifically developed to help reduce total energy consumption and costs, as well as improve the quality of a companies appearance and usability.

Founded by a former Lutron engineer, ProAutomated has an intense focus on maximizing energy and productivity through smart lighting. Since 2007 ProAutomated has been a leader in lighting solutions across North America. This started with field engineering providing expertise to lighting control manufacturers and has expanded to include design and project management to building owners and managers.

Whether looking to install a completely new lighting system, or upgrade an existing one, ProAutomated’s team of veteran lighting engineers will lead the way through the entire process of the lighting project. From their initial walk-through of the facility to assess any specific and unique needs, to product selection and acquisition, all the way to project management and ongoing support.

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