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mpw-2MPW Joins the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans in an effort to help our nation’s veterans get back into the workforce.

The conception of MPW in 1972 was a modest one. The early stages of MPW began when Monte Black used his personal pickup truck to clean the outside of buildings in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Monte’s knack for perfection and quality did not go unnoticed. His services caught the eye of AEP, one of the largest power generation companies in the Midwest, and quickly led to a relationship with the company that continues to thrive today.

Entering what was even then a highly competitive industry, he was convinced that hard work, innovation and a commitment to exceed customer expectations would enable him to succeed.

MPW offers a variety of industrial cleaning, water purification, facility management and container management services to thousands of clients throughout North America. The companies diversified industrial services are applicable to a wide array of customer needs and enable clients to prosper in today’s competitive environment. MPW improves operating reliability and profitability by coupling the best trained professionals with the most innovative technologies. MPW’s in-house engineers and fabrication technicians customize proprietary tooling and mobile operating systems to accommodate specialized industry requirements and ever changing environmental demands.

MPW Industrial Services is one of the fastest growing industrial service companies in the United States. With over 40 locations spanning across the United States and Canada, and numerous areas of expertise.


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