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InfocisionInfoCision is a trusted provider of high-quality marketing services.

Infocision Joins the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans in an effort to help our nation’s veterans get back into the workforce.

In business since 1982, InfoCision is the nation’s second-largest privately held teleservices company. They are a leading provider of direct marketing solutions for Fortune 100 companies and nonprofit organizations. With over 4,400 employees and locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, InfoCision merges comprehensive capabilities with a customized, personal approach to our clients.

InfoCision is the highest quality call center company in the world.

For over 30 years, InfoCision has been a leader in the call center industry – helping the nation’s top organizations maximize return on investment (ROI). As their clients’ needs have evolved, so have the companies capabilities. Today, Infocision provides a full spectrum of direct marketing services: inbound and outbound call center solutionsdirect mail and fulfillment; and Interactive (Web) and data solutions. They customize their services to meet the unique needs of their clients, and develop innovative strategies to consistently deliver the best results in the business.

InfoCision is uniquely positioned in the direct marketing industry.

The companies roots are in telemarketing where we’ve provided the highest quality contact center solutions to leading nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies since 1982. Over time, we’ve evolved into a full-service direct marketing partner – providing multichannel solutions (phone, mail, Web) that support and compliment one another. With decades of expertise in telemarketing at our core, InfoCision offers multichannel services to help your organization reach people more effectively. Our quality and versatility translates to superior results and a higher ROI for our clients.


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