Education Development Center Joins


EDCEducation Development Center Joins the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans in an effort to help our nation’s veterans get back into the workforce.


EDC was founded in 1958 by university scholars and researchers who saw the need for an independent, free-standing institution that could bring together academics and teachers, business and community leaders, creative artists, and talented researchers to achieve reform of science and mathematics curricula. That collaborative, inclusive spirit has remained a guiding force through the years, producing a distinctive working style.

At its founding, EDC was unique. There were no federally funded regional laboratories and centers or other nonprofit (or, for that matter) profit-making research and development organizations working broadly on issues of national and international import in education. EDC’s appearance on the scene coincided with a growing national investment in the education sector. From its beginnings, this institution was designed to fill the distinctive roles of catalyst, experimenter, and developer and to be an instrument for improvement and renewal.


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