Webhouse Joins Hireveterans.com


Data Center Is Hiring Now!


Webhouse Joins Hireveterans.com the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans in an effort to help our nation’s veterans get back into the workforce.


The Data Center has become the epicenter of “business intelligence” — tasked with delivering operational efficiency, bridging silos, facilitating real-time communication and providing the mission-critical analytics that can make or break an organization’s bottom line.


WebHouse leverages it’s 15 years of proven engineering expertise to design holistic, solution-driven data center solutions for the company that will result in an agile and scalable IT infrastructure that fuels the customers long-term technology strategy, while targeting customer’s organization’s operational pain points and short-term IT objectives. The company uses a hands-on approach to make sure the client’s technology ecosystem cost-effectively serves the bottom-line goals, generates actionable business intelligence and delivers efficiency across the entire organization.



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