Childrens Guild Joins


The Children’s Guild Joins the largest online job board for U.S. Veterans in an effort to help our nations heroes back into the workforce and sustain themselves as well as their families.


The Children’s Guild is a child serving organization operating special education schools, charter schools, treatment foster care, family help centers and group homes throughout Maryland.

The Children’s Guild is guided by Transformation Education, or TranZed, an organizational philosophy and operation system for child-serving organizations. TranZed helps The Children’s Guild create a flexible, brain-compatible organizational culture that emphasizes the values, skills and beliefs necessary for a successful life.


As part of that philosophy, The Children’s Guild focuses on transforming the mindset and actions of its teachers, clinicians and staff rather than trying to focus on changing the behavior of it’s students. Through TranZed, The Children’s Guild uses a holistic approach by harnessing it’s systems, staff, environment, and curriculum to provide an enriched and effective milieu for educating young people.

The Children’s Guild is always looking for qualified candidates who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the children that they serve.

Their staff members are encouraged to think creatively to engage children and motivate them to learn. The Children’s Guild offers learning environments that stimulate students in a way that touches the emotions, engages the intellect and excites the senses.


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