Diginonymous LLC Joins Hireveterans.com


Diginonymous recently joined Hireveterans.com in an attempt to employ qualified veterans to help them expand and grow their business.


Positions include “Assembler, Installer and Programmer”.


The company is based out of Florida, USA. They provide corporate and government clients with cutting edge technology to secure their important information and voice and data communications. Their flexible and fully portable technology includes encrypted Video, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), IM Chat, encrypted file transfer, file encryption, remote backup of data, file shredding, and anonymous Internet surfing.

Diginonymous LLC also offers several encrypted Internet communication products to address their client’s critical information protection’s needs. All of their products provide the traveling executive with the means to secure their data and voice communication while on the road.

None of their products require any software loading ont the computer or phone in use. The client may load the application onto a portable media device such as a USB Flash Drive or Micro SD card and insert it into an available pc or smart phone. Essentially, Diginonymous LLC provides clients with completely portable, secure communication and Internet browsing tools globally, which do not exist in today’s marketplace. From the clients laptop to their smart phone. Location isn’t a factor, DigiGoneTM encryption products are on guard twenty four hours a day to protect your critical information and communications.


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