WORK FOR YOU: Ebook Shines Light on Getting a Job in 2013


This is a book about how to get a job and how to live through the experience of getting a job. Its street level advice is free of sports analogies, inspirational stories, Navy SEAL training, and the like.

Instead, the advice is distilled from the experience of living through six careers and over two dozen jobs in four states.

If you’re new to the workforce or to an industry, want to change jobs, or have been laid off or fired, you’ll find help in this book. You can read it chapter by chapter or start with the advice that applies to what’s happening to you now and fill in as you go.

“It is good to see that there is an organization like that addresses the employment challenges of service members and veterans.

The ebook WORK FOR YOU may also help them. The advice on seems to mesh well with advice in the book. It’s small, inexpensive and explains how to find a job and hang on while you’re looking.

The author has many years of on the ground experience finding jobs and is familiar with dealing with the emotions that help and hinder job hunting. WORK FOR YOU is written in a direct way that encourages the reader to take action.

It’s on Amazon and can be borrowed for free from their lending library.  Please take a look at WORK FOR YOU and let me know if it can help.

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