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Jobs and Career Opportunities for Veterans in the Eco-Lighting Industry


by Charles Fawkes


LightPro Tech, Inc., a veteran owned business, is offering U.S. Military Veterans training and support services to start their own lighting auditor business in the emerging field of LED lighting technology. To support their effort, they have joined up with, America’s most dynamic job board for U.S. Veterans.

LightPro Tech is an energy efficiency company specializing in the training, certification and back office support of commercial “Lighting Auditors”.

Through a coalition of ESCO (energy savings company) Partners, collectively the U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance, they are able to provide total support to lighting auditors and their clients. Everything from auditor training and support, to proposal generation, to financing and product selection, and finally to the installation of energy efficient lighting in small to medium sized buildings throughout the United States.

LightPro Tech delivers powerful solutions from facility lighting feasibility reporting to advanced light auditing programs. They provide clients with the most comprehensive facility lighting analysis administered on-site by professional lighting auditors.

They approach every project with an unparalleled level of commercial lighting experience and a passion for maximizing lighting audits and proposals. Above all, they provide a level of client service that’s refreshing in today’s fast-paced business world. They are considerate of their employees schedules, responsive to needs, and dedicated to meeting the objectives of saving energy and saving money for everyone involved.

When other agencies tell you it can’t be done, they find a way to do it. They firmly believe—and their clients agree—that LightPro Tech offers a level of quality and service that sets a new standard for the energy efficiency and commercial lighting industry today.

So get in involved and check out all their job offers on

LightPro Tech provides the following core services:

On-Site Lighting Audits, Proposals, Zero-Out-Of-Pocket Financing, and Installations
Retrofit Planning for existing facility lighting blueprints
Benchmarking Reports
EPAct Tax Deduction Analysis and Your Qualification
Analysis of Local Utility Rebate Programs and Your Qualification

Contact LightPro Tech, Inc. today at their web site; or 1-800-481-6995 to reserve your seat at their next online webinar. What you will discover about a new career in the emerging trillion dollar energy efficiency industry may very likely change the direction of your life.

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