Veterans face job discrimination; feds are biggest offender


By staff


It has become a mainstream story – a soldier is unable to find work because of military obligations.

Many of those stories are about small, private companies. But according to The Washington Post, the biggest offender is the federal government.

The story, titled, “Returning military members allege job discrimination — by federal government,”reported that offices within the federal government have reneged on job offers to members of the military and fired others after a long absence.

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  1. The Center for Individual Rights filed a Federal Law Suit many years ago alleging that there was massive reverse discrimination against Caucasian men in the Federal Government. The title of this Federal Case was: “Worth v. Jackson.” The Center for Individual Rights provided clear and convincing evidence probative of massive reverse discrimination in employment against Caucasian men by the Federal Government. However, despite this evidence and the legal arguments in this case, the CIR, the Center for Individual Rights lost this legal case. Why is this important for veterans? This indicates that all three branches of the Federal Government, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches, are cooperating in their employment discrimination against Caucasian men while unjustly favoring women and minorities in employment. THIS EMPLIES THAT VETERANS ARE BEING SUBJECT TO THIS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION AT THE FEDERAL AND CIVILIAN LEVEL ALSO! The URL of the CIR web page describing this case, “Worth v. Jackson”, and other civil rights cases is:,4

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