Owen McCurty Sneaks Past Security Gates, Decodes Military Jargon to Find Veterans Jobs


By Nina Shapiro


This week, the U.S. House will vote on a jobs bill for veterans. Want to know why it’s necessary? Read this week’s feature storyabout the apparent suicide of Jared Hagemann, who was unable to find a job outside the military. You could also ask Owen McCurty.

McCurty, a veteran himself, now works at Joint Base Lewis-McChord as the representative for WorkSource, the state program that helps people finds job. And when it comes to veterans, that’s tough.

“Some people in the military are looking to stay at the same level of pay,” McCurty tellsSeattle Weekly. One might think that’s not too difficult; the military isn’t known for paying lavishly.

But McCurty says a soldier with a relatively modest rank would pull in maybe $40,000 a year, including a housing subsidy. Without a college education, in this economy, comparable paying jobs are few and far between. (Hagemann, at just 25, would have been making about $53,000, including the subsidy.)

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