Trade agreements lead way to recovery




Over the nearly 10 months since I was sworn into the Senate, Washington has been gripped by unnecessary gridlock and dysfunction – even as families and job creators call for policies that can jumpstart our economy.

President Barack Obama has been traveling the country with an eye on his reelection, pointing fingers at Congress for the lagging national economy. Yet the president conveniently ignores the fact that his policies – including the so-called stimulus – have stalled economic growth instead of spurring job creation. Meanwhile, the Democratic-controlled Senate has failed to pass a budget for nearly 900 days, forcing Congress to renew federal spending in fits and starts, as our debt skyrockets to a record high.

That’s not the way to run the country. Fortunately, this week, we took an important step in the right direction to get our economy back on track.

With support from both parties, Congress passed three pending trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama to help encourage private sector job creation in Missouri and nationwide.

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