Wait for the job market to recover? Some workers can’t


By Eve Tahmincioglu


The theory has it that disgruntled employees across the nation will start sending out their resumes once the weak economy turns around. But some workers can’t wait that long. They feel overworked, underpaid and unappreciated right now, and things are so bad for them that they want a new gig now.

One Minneapolis-based advertising professional decided to switch jobs in April because morale at her former employer was so bad “people were dropping like flies.”

Christina — who didn’t want her full name used for fear of burning her bridges in her industry — was also upset that she only received a token raise after being promoted and taking on more work.

“I didn’t make as much as the previous person, even though he was not accurate at his job, made plenty of mistakes and had less experience in years than me.”

And Bobby E. is pondering a job move because he’s also disgruntled. His job involves supporting front-line sales representatives at a Louisiana-based telecommunications firm, and lately he’s been forced to work mandatory overtime as the firm keeps cutting corners.

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