Red Cross workers could soon strike


By Autumn Perry


FLINT (WJRT) Hundreds of local Red Cross workers could soon be on the picket line. Unions representing those workers issued a strike notice.

The Great Lakes Region of the Red Cross, representing all of Mid-Michigan received the notice Friday. The deadline for the strike is September 7th, a week from Wednesday.

“The national Red Cross has decided it doesn’t want unions apparently which is why there are so many unresolved contracts out there,” said Lance Rhines, Senior Service Representative for OPEIU Local 459.

The moving force behind the strike notice, according to the unions, is unfair labor practices and blood safety. Rhines says the Red Cross is not bargaining in good faith.

“The union leaders when, they speak to the media or present to the media, they bring up the issue of blood safety and the number of nurses at blood drive, but the issues at the table continue to be health benefits and wages,” said Michelle Nimmo with the Great Lakes Region of the Red Cross.

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