Careers for transitioning military


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Transition Assistance Online,, is the largest source of transition assistance information, jobs, and tools for today’s separating military. On this career site for military veterans, service members can find the resources needed to transition from their much appreciated military service, to the perfect civilian career. Try our Job SearchVet Rep and TAP Officelocator tools.


If so, you may feel overwhelmed by the volume of forms and lists, as well as all the unanswered questions that come with military retirement. To top it off, you’re concerned about preserving your current income and standard of living or finding a suitable new job. Your upcoming transition gives rise to uncertainty and doubt that were never an issue in the military, where nearly every detail of your life was defined for you.

At this point in your military transition, you want:

* A strategic military transition plan that’s easy to follow, thorough, tailored for your goals, and fits within your available time.

* Assurance that you can maintain – or improve – your current income and lifestyle.

* The help, resources and information you need about military retirement, veteran benefits and more — without having to sort through thousands of web pages and documents.

* And, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are making the best possible choices for your family and your future.

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