Top Global Law Firm Offers Vets Careers


by John Vogel


Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP are one of the most recognized global law firms of the 21st century.  Paul Hastings is now opening its doors and offering a wide variety of careers to our US Veterans.  They have recently teamed up with Hire Veterans for a 2nd year in order to reach a wider audience of US Vets.

Paul Hastings was started in 1951 with their first office in Los Angeles, CA.  The firm founded by Lee Paul, Robert Hastings and Leonard Janofsky, three post-World War II attorneys.  In the 1970’s Paul Hastings began to venture into other parts of California in order to meet their client’s needs.  They also began to gain a foothold in the Asia-Pacific region during the 1970’s by helping Japanese clients set up US operations, distribution and joint ventures.

Paul Hastings now has over 18 offices in major business centers across Asia, Europe and the US.  They represent the world’s top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies by delivering innovative solutions to the complex legal challenged that they encounter.

Paul Hastings has continued to be acknowledged by their peers and clients by showing up on the lists of top law firms in the US and globally as well.  They rank 10th on The American Lawyer’s A-List of the 20 most successful law firms in the United States.  They were also ranked in the top 20 of the FT Law 50 2010 which is the Financial Times ranking of Europe’s most innovative law firms.

“At Paul Hastings, our people – and their outstanding talent – are the foundation of our firm.”

This is the motto of Paul Hastings when speaking of their employees.  They are committed to delivering client service excellence, and they value the contributions of their people who drive the success of their firm.  They understand that professional achievement is best attained in an environment supports growth, innovation, and teamwork.

If working for someone who shares these values seems attractive to you, then please consider applying for an open position.  The open positions of Paul Hastings can be found on Hire Veterans.  These positions constantly change, and so we ask that you come back and check for new openings on a regular basis.  It is also important to know that Paul Hastings is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  They also provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).