Science and Tech Careers By SRC For Vets


by John Vogel


SRC is now offering rewarding careers to US Veterans.  They have recently teamed up with Hire Veterans in order to find highly qualified Veterans to help build up their already prestigious company.  SRC currently has dozens of jobs offered to Veterans which can be found on Hire Veterans Online Job Board. 

SRC is an independent, not-for-profit, research and development corporation chartered by the State of New York.  SRC was created by Syracuse University in 1957.  SRC spun off from Syracuse University in the 1970’s to become an independent organization.  For more than 50 years, SRC has supported a broad range of federal government organizations and agencies and has developed a national reputation in a wide array of technology areas.

During the past 10 years, SRC’s employment has risen from 200 people to more than 1,000 people.  They now have offices in 13 locations, along with numerous customer support site throughout the United States, and are headquartered in Syracuse, New York.

SRC is working to help keep America safe and strong by protecting its people, environment and way of life.  They do this by focusing on their customers’ needs through the innovative application of science, technology and information to solve problems of national significance.

Their relentless determination to solve the “impossible” with bright minds, fresh thinking and fearless innovation is grounded in their more than 50 years of experience.  They seek and welcome the toughest problems – the ones most critical to our national welfare, the ones where compromise is not an option.  By constantly reinvesting in their people and their technologies, they never expect you to accept what’s possible.  They help you go beyond it.

If you have experience working in today’s research and development environment, then you know what it is normally like.  What if there was a better choice?  Think about a career with SRC which is a smaller, less-bureaucratic, more agile (definitely more fun) alternative where you can redefine possible.  A workplace that really gets life/work balance.  A company that’s not-for-profit, so it can continuously reinvest in employees and give them the resources they need to succeed – plus the freedom to follow their own ideas.  And, of course, a company with fully competitive and salaries to boot.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then please come and check out the careers offered by SRC at Hire Veterans.  You can also check out the official page of SRC for more information, as well as their career page.