Plan To Cut Vet Unemployment Down


by John Vogel


The Air Force Times has released an article regarding Republican Jeff Miller who is the chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.  Jeff Miller has come up with the ambitious idea to find 400,000 jobs for Veterans.  This could potentially lower the unemployment rate amongst Veterans from 7.7% to 4.5%.

The article explains who Jeff Miller plans on doing all of this without spending any additional money.  His plan is to achieve this goal in 2 years through awareness, change and maximizing existing programs that are already readily available.

To read the full article written by Rick Maze, please visit the original source The Air Force Times.

If you are an unemployed Veteran, then please visit Hire Veterans.  There is no charge to use the service.  You can post your resume and apply to the 11,000 jobs that are currently online.