Mount Sinai Hospital, NY Offers 800+ Jobs


by John Vogel


Mount Sinai Hospital, New York is reaching out to our Veterans via Hire Veterans to offer exciting careers and employment opportunities.  Mount Sinai is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States.  They were founded in 1852 by philanthropist Sampson Simpson in order to address the needs of the rapidly growing cities.

Today Mount Sinai Hospital is part of The Mount Sinai Medical Center.  The Mount Sinai Medical Center is made up of The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, and an additional campus Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens.

Mount Sinai Hospital has been a pioneer for over 150 years.  They are continually recognized as one of the top hospitals in the United States year after year.  This year they were named to the US World Report Honor Roll which is reserved for only 17 of 5,000 hospitals in the United States.  The accolades accumulated by this organization over the years are far too many to list.

Mount Sinai Hospital has also been the first to achieve many feats in the field of medicine since forming.  They were the first liver transplant, the first to link cigarettes and asbestos to cancer, the first to combine radiation and chemotherapy to treat breast and ovarian cancer, the first to create a genetically engineered vaccine for influenza, and the first to perform a blood transfusion on an unborn fetus.  These are just a few of the many firsts that Mount Sinai Hospital has achieved.

Mount Sinai Hospital currently sees over 50,000 inpatients and over 500,000 outpatients per year.  They have a staff of more than 2,500 physicians, 1,000 residents, and 1,800 nurses.  The hospital also has over 1,100 beds available to patients.  This puts them in a position to remain as one of the largest teaching hospitals in the United States.

Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens are currently seeking Veterans for employment.  They are seeking people from entry level jobs to directors and managers.  They have positions available in Information Technology, Research, Nursing, Technical, Administration, Finance/Accounting, and General Services.  You can find a list of their current jobs at Hire Veterans.  You can also visit the official career page of Mount Sinai Hospital.  Also if you would like to see a list of benefits please visit the official benefits page of Mount Sinai Hospital.