DOL Plan To Help 21,000 Unemployed Vets


by John Vogel


The US Department of Labor has recently released information explaining more than 28 million dollars in federal grants.  These federal grants are geared towards unemployment of Veterans, and to train more than 21,000 of the unemployed.

22 of these grants which total more than 9 million dollars are being applied to Veterans who require further training when applying for “green” jobs that will help out with the environment.  These grants will cover more than 4,000 Veterans who are currently seeking employment in the private sector regarding renewable energy, modern electric power development and clean vehicles.  These grants were provided by the Veteran’s Workforce Investment Program.

The Labor Department’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program is responsible for another 122 grants totaling more than 28 million dollars.  These grants will provide training to another 17,000 Veterans who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Please visit the US Department of Labor for more information on these grants and other information regarding Veteran’s Unemployment and rights.

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