Swift Transport Extends Employment Opportunites to US Military Veterans


Swift Transport Enters Fourth Year with HireVeterans.com to Attract US Veterans to Their Workforce

By Randy Miller

At Swift they strive to be “Best in Class” in every department. They have employed many skills and tools to help reach their goal. To become “Best in Class”, they have disciplined people, thought, and action. Swift Transportation is utilizing these three disciplines and making decisions for the long term in an effort to strengthen their relationships. Greatness is not a fact of circumstance. Greatness, as it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice. Swift Transportation has chosen to be “Best in Class” and will continue to perform in this direction for many years to come.

Swift Transportation began operations in 1966 transporting imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and Arizona cotton for export back through to Southern California. Jerry Moyes, founder, began with the same entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that is one of Swift’s core values today. The original operation was conducted under the name of Common Market. Operating authority was purchased from a descendant of the Swift Meat Packing family, hence, today’s name of Swift Transportation. Jerry, with his father, brother and a partner, grew the business, with typical start up challenges, to a $25 million annual revenue in 1984. With the passing of Jerry’s father, Carl Moyes, Jerry became the sole owner. By 1990, Swift had grown to a $125 million carrier with 800 trucks. Swift’s significant revenue growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers as well as acquisitions. Since 1988, Swift has acquired 11 different motor carriers. Today, Swift generates over $3.4 billion in revenue and operates over 16,000 trucks.

Swift serves customers and employees by providing “Best in Class” transportation solutions and a healthy and secure work environment so they can meet their business and personal objectives. By doing this, they help their organization achieve the high standards of their customers and build the character of their employees. Swift’s commitment to excellence will drive Swift’s economic model through growth in sales, cost control, and increased financial prosperity.

Swift’s vision is an efficient and nimble world class service organization that is focused on the customer. They are aligned and working together at all levels to achieve their common goals. Their team enjoys their work and co-workers and this enthusiasm resonates both internally and externally. They are on the leading edge of service, always innovating to add value to their customers. Their organization has information and resources that can be easily adapted to analyze and monitor what is most important in a changing environment. Their financial health is strong, generating excess cash flows and growing profitability year after year with a culture that is cost and environmentally conscious. They train, build, and develop their employees through perpetual learning opportunities to enhance their skill sets, allowing them to recognize their talented people.

The transportation industry is a critical to the economy. Truckload carriers provide for the bulk of these transportation needs. Virtually any product you purchase was at some point transported via truck. As a result, working in the truckload industry, especially with an industry leader, is a solid career decision! Swift Transportation hires great employees as drivers, shop mechanics, operations support, customer service, finance, sales, information technology, human resources, etc. Swift’s size, strength and stability make this a great place to be. Apply today!

Jobs available NOW for Veterans, click here for the Swift Transportation job listings.

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