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SMS, A Veteran Owned Small Business Reaches out to US Veterans for Quality Employment

By Randy Miller


SMS is a company that is as dedicated to its employees as it is to its customers. Because of the nature of the IT industry, they are constantly exposed to a complex and ever-changing technical environment. In light of this, SMS takes pride in the ingenuity and flexibility of their employees, and their ability to adapt and innovate as the industry continues to grow. As a company SMS is committed to supporting their employees and nurturing them as they continue to grow personally and professionally within SMS.

SMS is a small, Veteran-owned business that can boast over three decades in the IT industry. The Company is justifiably proud of its record of excellence, and equally proud of the achievements of the SMS employees who have made this record possible. Individual career opportunities will expand with their collective imaginations and continued dedication.

At SMS their sense of community is strong both in and out of the office. They enjoy many social events together after work, including bowling, happy hours and softball games.

The success and growth of SMS could not have been accomplished without the dedication and commitment of their employees. Each one of them plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of SMS. They never loose sight of the fact that their continued success as a company depends on their most valuable asset: the SMS Team of employees.

SMS has teamed with, the industry’s leading Military job board, to reach out and offer quality employment to our talented Veteran men and women. You are invited to visit the career page of SMS at and apply today. A rewarding career with an outstanding company awaits you.

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