Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Offers Exciting Career Opportunities in the NY Area


The Fashion Institute of Technology is seeking to hire veterans for professional level jobs at this prestigious hire learning facility.

In the 1940s, fashion and apparel industry members were faced with a dwindling number of qualified people to help them run and carry on their businesses.  The next generation wanted to be doctors and lawyers—not tailors.  A group of industry members, led by Mortimer C. Ritter, an educator with an interest in programs for young working people, and Max Meyer, a retired menswear manufacturer, set about organizing a school to ensure the vitality of their businesses.  First, they created the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries to promote education for the industry.  The Foundation then obtained a charter from the New York State Board of Regents to establish a “fashion institute of technology and design.”  The institute opened in 1944 with 100 students, and was located on the top two floors of the High School of Needle Trades.

Today FIT is catering to over 10,000 students.  It has become world renowned as one of the top schools in the industry by developing some of the brightest students into seasoned professionals.

FIT is currently seeking out our talented military veterans to help fulfill some promising roles within the Institution.  They are seeking many professional level jobs to help out in areas ranging from Administrators all the way up to VP level careers.

They also offer a number of great benefits for working with this great Institution.  They offer active employee health insurance plays, fringe benefit plans, retirement plans, Worker's Compensation, Disability Accommodations, Employee Wellness Programs, and a retiree Health Insurance Program.

Please feel free to browse their website to find out more information about FIT.  You can reach their website by clicking here.

Also please come and check out the many jobs that they have made available to our veterans.  You can find the jobs that they have posted on by clicking here.

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