Dutko Worldwide seeks US Military Veterans for their Workforce


Dutko Worldwide joins with HireVeterans.com

By Randy Miller

Dutko Worldwide has carefully designed an approach to lobbying and public affairs that can achieve results in this new and evolving political government.

Their commitment to bi-partisan problem solving reflects an enduring spirit of what works in Washington and state capitals – and the new Administration’s call to end the polarization of the past.

They offer a broad array of advocacy tools to address a world transformed by the proliferation of interest groups, changing technology, and the revolution in new media. They integrate traditional bi-partisan lobbying with research polling, message development/testing, grassroots/grasstops advocacy and new media strategies in the state, federal and international arenas.

As a US Military Veteran, Dutko Worldwide knows you have the talents they are seeking and have teamed with HireVeterans.com to reach out to you. If you are seeking a rewarding career, then I encourage you to visit their career page on HireVeterans.com and apply today.

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