Green Career Institute’s Solar PV Curriculum Jumpstarts Green Training Programs


Green Career Institute Green Career Institute, a leader in Green Education and Training, is offering its leading Solar PV Curriculum to training and education providers nationwide. 

“With over 1500 people trained, GCI’s Solar PV Curriculum is tried and true,” says John Sanchez, CEO of GCI.  “Our curriculum was written and designed by two Ph.D’s who are experts in the Solar PV field.  We are pleased to offer our program to other providers looking to start a turnkey Solar PV Training program.”  

More than 1500 students have successfully completed this practical, hands-on training and many have gone on to become installers, sales people, estimators, PV entrepreneurs, and designers at companies that include Sungevity, Sunlight & Power, Clean Power Finance, Sun Door Solar, Save a Lot Solar, and more.  

GCI’s Solar PV Curriculum includes a 5-day Boot Camp to train Solar PV Installers, Solar PV Designers, and Solar PV Estimators. 

Materials include textbooks, lecture notes, power point presentations, bill of materials for classroom build out and equipment, classroom and hands-on exercises, exams, and quizzes. 

Stella Ursua, Director of Curriculum Licensing at GCI adds, “If you stop to consider the amount of time it takes to design, develop, launch and evaluate a training curriculum of this size (at least 4-6 weeks of development time alone), it makes nothing but sense to invest in a turn-key.

Green Career Institute is a leader in Green Training & Education, offering Solar PV training in installation, sales, & design.  In addition, GCI offers turnkey Solar PV curriculum to schools looking to start a Solar PV training program.  For more information, visit or call Stella Ursua at 415.283.3371.