CODE & Activision Make an Educational Investment in Military Veterans



Today the Call of Duty Endowment and Activision are announcing the creation of a new scholarship program to assist those veterans pursuing a career in videogame development at Austin Community College (ACC) and Madison Area Technical College (MATC). The program will assist veterans at these schools with the costs of software, transportation, and other educational needs, while the GI bill covers tuition costs for U.S. veterans at most schools. ACC and MATC were chosen by CODE and Activision because of their gaming and illustration programs, as well as the high number of veterans’ enrolled at each school and the participation of military veterans in the relevant course work.

The scholarships will help to fulfill CODE’s mission of ensuring that veterans are provided a clear path to new careers after their military service is complete. Recognizing that our nation’s veterans are some of the brightest and hardest working individuals our nation has to offer, the Call of Duty Endowment and Activision wanted to encourage and help create a path for more of these men and women to enter the field of video game production.

Applications are now being accepted at both schools for students looking to pursue the scholarship, with the initial scholarship recipients to be announced in August. The Call of Duty Endowment and Activision will track the development of the scholarship winners through the CODE website and other mediums as they progress throughout the program. In total, CODE will donate $100,000 to fund the scholarship programs, which will exist for at least five years at each school.

To apply or learn more about the scholarships at MATC, click here.

To apply or learn more about the scholarships at ACC, click here.

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Those individuals that have put their lives on the line to protect our country deserve to be rewarded with 21st century careers. These scholarships will help them get there!

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