Teksouth Corporation Joins HireVeterans.com


teksouthjobsveteransTeksouth Corporation Joins HireVeterans.com

Global IT Firm Based in Alabama Hiring U.S. Veterans

by Gordon Gates

Teksouth Corporation is a twenty-six year old, privately held firm with headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, with strategically located program offices in the U.S. and around the world. Their primary services include Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Decision Support, Custom Application Development and IT Professional Services.

Teksouth has the technical staff and management to perform large enterprise projects but remains customer-centric and able to respond rapidly to changes in requirements and technologies. To continue to meet these challenges, Teksouth has partnered with HireVeterans.com, a leading edge job board for U.S. Veterans.

They are currently hiring to meet their needs for clients

So wow has Teksouth built such a mature and experienced staff? Well, hear it from Teksouth founder and CEO Steve Wilsher

teksouthapplyjobs_400“At Teksouth we’ve created an environment where people want to work, grow, develop. It’s a plan that has worked so well for us over the past couple of decades that it really isn’t something I have to manage anymore. We’re at the point that our employees are telling others about Teksouth – what it’s like to be here – and people are coming to us”.

“We see this big effort in the software development industry where there is as much effort placed on recruiting employees as there is in taking care of clients and running the business”.

“Even better, when people come to work at Teksouth, they stay. We’re running at about a 94 percent employee retention rate, which I think is just phenomenal for this industry. And this is extremely valuable to our clients because we’re not putting rookies on projects, trying to give them on-the-job experience. Our people know what they’re doing, and doing what they know”.

“Don’t get me wrong, we’re always looking for great people, but we’re in a position that we can be very choosy about the people we bring on. We’re looking for people who are eager to work, learn and grow. We’re looking for people who will fit into our great environment and enhance the work experience for everyone – clients and coworkers alike”.