With Felony Conviction, Can I Get a Job with the US Government?


This is a excerpt from USAJobs the entry website for Federal Employment:

“Q: What if I am an ex-offender?

A: Being an ex-offender does not prevent you from obtaining Federal Employment. OPM or the hiring agency considers your criminal conduct in determining your suitability but there are no general prohibitions against hiring you. We consider a number of relevant factors such as the duties of the positions you have applied for, the nature and recency of the misconduct, and any evidence of rehabilitation. Although there are no general prohibitions against employing you in the Federal Government, there are some regulations which will prohibit you from working in certain positions if you have a specific conviction. The most common situation involves being convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes under Federal or State law. These persons are “prohibited form employment in any position requiring the individual: to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition” (Public Law 1-4-208 Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997) Other statutory or regulatory debarments exist, but are rarely applicable. They cover debarment from Federal employment from such offenses as treason, inciting rebellion against the U.S., willful and unlawful destruction of public records, or knowingly and willfully advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Government. It is important for you provide all the required information about your criminal record when you apply for Federal employment. Then, either OPM or the employing agency can determine early if a specific prohibition exists”.

Link to USAJobs: http://www.usajobs.gov/

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  1. Additionally, if you are an ex-felon, there are incentives for employers to hire you. I work for the Workforce Conneciton in New Mexico, (Dept of Labor), and the WOTC program (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a great selling point for you. It encourages employers to hire you with tax breaks. Additonally, you could be eligible for the the Federal Bonding program, whereby, the employer can receive a free, yes I said Free bond for your employment for 6months. That way you can get in and prove yourself a great employee. Good Luck JR Romero, LVER

  2. look into the WOTC program tax exemption for employers. and the Federal Bonding program. You more than likely qualify for both.

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