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150jobs150 Best Jobs Through Military Training

150 Best Jobs Through Military Training, a new addition to JIST’s Best Jobs series, provides a wealth of information that helps readers discover how 75 military occupations connect to 150 promising jobs in the civilian work world. This helpful resource features 45 “best civilian jobs” lists organized by pay, growth, openings, part-time work, self-employment, gender, interest, and personality type to show readers which jobs offer the most opportunities. Bonus lists reveal the top 20 occupations held by veterans and the top 20 fields in which veterans work.

Extensive civilian job descriptions help anyone interested in the military, those currently enlisted, and veterans explore dynamic career opportunities that make the most of military training.

Part of JIST’s “Best Jobs” series, 150 Best Jobs Through Military Training is a no-nonsense listing of 150 and 75 military job descriptions. Sorting the “best jobs” into best pay, fastest growth, and most openings, and grounding its recommendations firmly in the latest government data, 150 Best Jobs Through Military Training devotes roughly a page or more to each job entry, with a wealth of additional, more general information concerning possible career paths.

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zzzbuybookFigures tell the reader at a glance the average annual earnings, growth rate, annual job openings, percent of self-employed workers, and percent of part-time workers for each job. An easy-to-use guide enthusiastically recommended for anyone serving in the military.

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Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., is a Senior Product Developer at JIST. He has extensive work experience in developing career information systems and has received a Certificate of Distinction from the Association of Computer-based Systems for Career Information.


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