Thinking of Hiring a U.S. Veteran?


Thinking of Hiring Veterans?

Enthusiasm, Discipline, Skill, and Attitude Among Top Qualities

Looking for a few good men and women for your business? Look no further! Hundreds of thousands of U.S. Veterans are scheduled to return in 2008 from deployments and will enter the civilian job market.

Veterans bring with them a strong work ethic, exceptional training, and proven leadership skills. In 2007, more than 400,000 National Guard personnel came back home from overseas deployments.

Randy Miller, a retired Army Ranger and recruiting consultant at, a major Job Board for U.S. Veterans, says his clients are super thrilled to have U.S. Veterans in jobs where teamwork, discipline, leadership, and a positive attitude are needed. “My clients always lean towards veterans” Miller says.

There are financial advantages to hiring veterans as well. Companies benefit from a federal government tax credit as high as $2,400 per veteran hired. “Now, that’s good support” says Miller.

In addition, veterans have valuable background and security clearances that are attractive to many employers, including government contractors, security, and technology companies.

More than 85% of military personnel have had background checks for various levels of security clearances. In addition, veterans are trained to work with high end technology.

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