Motor Cycle Towing Business Offers Business Opportunities to U.S. Veterans



Grandpas Motor Cycle Towing offers Vets Opportunities for Self Employment

By Eric “Grandpa” Olson

First, let me introduce myself. In the Central Florida area all my customers just call me grandpa. My real name is Eric R. Olson, but to my granddaughters I am “PaPa”. So see, I really am a Grandpa! It’s just that Brandi and Kristen use a different version for Grandpa.

Now I have been in the motorcycle towing business now for almost 3 years. When I started, most of my friends and relatives thought I was losing it. Well I really lost it many years before this, but I will not go into that right now…

Okay, one of my neighbors is in the towing business – towing cars and trucks only. He told me that he would not tow motorcycles because of the liability risk. So I went on the internet and found the hydraulic unit with a steel deck. It was not really designed for motorcycles but I used it anyway. Now I have had several aluminum decks made locally for me that fit for motorcycles. The one I have now is perfect. A local company in the central Florida area makes them for me. With my first truck, I set out trying to get my business going.

Well NO Harley Davidson dealers wanted to talk to me. So when I had a Harley Heritage on the back with a flat tire, I took pictures of it and wrote a letter to Harley Davidson and included the picture. It was not the most friendly letter, if you know what I mean. But about a week or so later I received a phone call from a lady from Harley Davidson stating that she had received my letter and that she would see that it got into the right hands.

Well after a few more days I received a phone call from Road America. The person on the other end of the phone said that they had received a fax from Harley Davidson requesting that Grandpas become a vendor.

Well that was just the beginning of Grandpas.

I now tow for 24 national accounts through Road America, Cross Country, Geico and a few more. In the three 3 year period of towing thousands of motorcycles, Grandpas has never had a claim for damages. That’s unheard of in the motorcycle towing business!

The national companies have told me several times that they would like me o expand my business to other areas around the country. The best way I have found to do it, is to offer a “Consultant Agreement”.

Obviously, there is no better people I would rather work with than today’s U.S. Veterans. So I have set it up properly to empower those who are qualified to get into this great business.

So, I will, for a fee, instruct qualified individuals on the way to hook up the many different motorcycles safely and the ways and means to set-up and operate their motorcycle towing business.

They will buy the equipment that I have been using. I will also set up their truck with everything needed to tow motorcycle safely.

For information please go to where you can get contact information for “Grandpas Motorcycle Towing” or just click on my postings for business opprtunities in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, on Arkansas on

Thank you and see you on the road, Grandpa!


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