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hutsonveteransHutson Inc joins forces with

World Class John Deere Dealer Seeks to Hire U.S. Veterans

by Gordon G. Gates, Recruiting Consultant

Hutson Inc, one the leading product and service providers to America’s central state farmers, is seeking to fill it’s job openings with outstanding people from of our armed forces.

Because U.S. Veterans have accelerated learning curves, understand leadership, and work efficiently within a team environment, they make great employees company officials report. “Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues” says Rodman Meacham, Human Resource Manager says. “Military duties involve a blend of individual and group productivity. They also necessitate a perception of how groups of all sizes relate to each other and an overarching objective. Moreover, Veterans are efficient performaners under pressure and have a strong propensity to follow procedure not to mention an awareness for health and safety standards”

For over seventy-five years, the Hutson family has been privileged to serve the needs of farmers in the central United States with a variety of exceptional products and services.

Today, Dan C. Hutson II is leading the Hutson tradition of offering quality and value into its third generation. In 1976, before graduating from Murray State University, Dan founded his own company, Hutson Ag Service, Inc. Offering custom application of fertilizers and chemicals, as well as seed, feed, and other products, Hutson Ag Service grew from one location in Murray, Kentucky to sixteen locations in five states.

Then, in 1990, Hutson Ag Service purchased a small John Deere dealership in Mayfield, Kentucky. Known as the equipment division of Hutsons Ag Service, the Mayfield location eventually moved into a modern facility and became one of the premier John Deere dealerships in the nation. Soon, other locations were added: 1994, Russellville, Kentucky; 1995, Princeton, Kentucky; 1997, Morganfield, Kentucky; 2001 Clarksville, TN.

In 1996, the equipment division of Hutsons Ag Service was spun-off and became Hutsons Ag Equipment, Inc. On January 1st 2004, Hutson Ag Equipment decided that they would change their name to Hutson.

Today, Hutson is one of the most successful full line John Deere dealerships in the world

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