The OLIVE GROUP opens it’s Job Doors to U.S. Veterans


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by Lynn Earle PPS, at

Olive Group, an industry leader in security and risk management, is offering qualified U.S. Veterans outstanding jobs in the field of security.

In today’s world, the challenges faced by multi-national organizations as they seek to protect their people, assets, brand and corporate reputation have never been greater. They demand the most comprehensive range of security services.

Olive Group operates globally through its Headquarters in Dubai and regional offices throughout the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. From providing strategic consultancy to protecting individuals and assets; developing complex security and crisis management plans to driver training, Olive Group has established a value chain of products and offerings that has secured a diverse and impressive range of clients. These clients include some of the world’s largest companies and organizations such as Shell, Bechtel, GE, Boeing, USAID, UN and EU. Olive operates in 30 countries, over 5 continents, employs over 500 people and with annual revenues of $90 million.

Olive Group’s training division offers Corporate Security, Executive Awareness, Security Management, Counter-Surveillance, Counter-Kidnap and Crisis Simulated Incident training. Olive Group also owns and operates a 700 acre training facility in Nesbit, Mississippi, which provides Military, and Law Enforcement, Basic, Special Forces, Explosive Methods of Entry and Weapons training.

Our employees are our most important asset. We ensure that we recruit, retain, and continuously develop the skills of the leading specialist in the industry. If you desire to work in an environment where your opinions are valued, excellent work is rewarded, and you’re surrounded by co-workers who love their jobs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Olive Group embraces military veterans because they represent the broader demographic in our country and they bring a work ethic reflective of the training and experiences they have acquired.

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