Lynn Earle’s Weekly Recruiting U.S. Veterans Journal


Awesome Week at! Best Ever! After a great weekend, I began my week contacting The Brinks Company for the second time. They have the friendliest receptionist in the world! She had me pumped for the rest of the week! However, I am still attempting to reach a human being in Brinks’ Human Resources Department! Urgh! The dreaded computer voice mails and switchboards. No Problem.

I spent a few days calling L-3 Communications Companies. Phew! There sure are a lot of them! I am sure they are hiring veterans……I know I just had to tell and sell so that they learned all about us and how we can contribute. I did and they are now members, well that’s L-3 Communications SyColeman. I am so happy for them and our veterans. This is good……and it’s getting better.

Okay, so I speak with Susan, a very pleasant lady in HR at Comcept. She is interested in posting jobs with us. She asked me to call back next week. George, from KDI Precision Products returned my call specifically to thank us for the work we are doing for our US Veterans. What a great guy. He said as soon as they have jobs on offer, they will post them with us. Things are moving.

Catrina, a charming lady from Telemetry-East is not hiring but she took time out of her busy schedule to speak to me and asked for information on our services for future reference. Oh, I harassed Danny from IWI. What a character! He’s a U.S. Veteran himself. He was very busy. It was fun speaking with him. I’m still on him like a tick on a dog!

It’s been an exciting and super week. We’ve added Securiguard Inc., Maryland Correctional Services, US Customs & Border Protection, California Highway Patrol, and Leatherman Tool Group Inc. to our phenomenal list of military friendly employers. We are so proud to include them as members of So I hope you folks reading this go to and check out the Press Releases. Heck, they are posted on this blog as well. More, go to our site at and check out all the jobs we have. Remember, it’s all about our U.S. Veterans, so if your a veteran and looking for job, check us out. If you need assistance, send me an email or call me at 1(951) 543-4137

Signing off until Next Week. This is Lynn Earle, PPS, Senior Recruiting Consultant at saying “Good Job Everyone!”


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