Leatherman Tool Group Rolls up its Sleeves to Hire U.S. Military Veterans


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by Lynn Earle PPS, at HireVeterans.com

Leatherman Tool Group bears the name of company founder Tim Leatherman. Beginning with the original Pocket Survival Tool, Leatherman is now the leading multi-tool producer in the world. With this standing, Leatherman is taking the lead again in it’s industry and reaching out to hire America’s very best – our U.S. Military Veterans by joining HireVeterans.com

Tim Leatherman’s standards for quality, durability, precision and attention to detail are what make Leatherman tools like no other. Ever since Tim invented the category, we’ve focused on just one thing – manufacturing the world’s highest quality multipurpose tools.

From the beginning, Leatherman has operated on a philosophy that is simple, yet rarely duplicated in the world today: Manufacture top-quality products on that meet every specification, while increasing value and providing a pleasant work environment. When asked about the company’s devotion to quality, Tim simply replies, “My name is on every tool.”

Today companies are bringing new products and ideas to market faster and faster, but how often do they really last? Quality innovation is truly rare and yet it is the foundation on which all Leatherman products are manufactured. How well are they made? At Leatherman our founder stamps his name on every product so quality is a given and integrity in all our relationships- employees, customers, suppliers, and community-a must.

If you’re searching for a company that offers long-term growth, stability, and is in an exciting new phase of expansion, then Leatherman is the place for you. We have more than 300 employees at the product manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon. This number continues to grow as we find individuals who embody Leatherman’s core values of quality, innovation, integrity and motivation to fill a variety of positions.

At Leatherman we actively seek out and recruit military personnel. We highly recommend that companies also employ military personnel and see where it takes their organization; it’s not a surprise that their structure and procedures readily adapt and/or improve a business’ overall efficiency.

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