D.H. Blattner & Sons Offers Jobs to High Quality U.S. Veterans


Get to Know Employers who Support Our Veterans

by Lynn Earle PPS, at HireVeterans.com

D.H. Blattner & Sons, Inc. is a heavy civil contractor and construction manager delivering collaborative construction solutions to industry leaders throughout the United States and Canada. Blattner is currently hiring for U.S. Veterans.

The company was founded in 1907, and for four generations the family values of quality and honest work have led to strategic alliances with clients that go well beyond individual projects. In a climate of mutual trust and respect, Blattner develops “ROCK SOLID RELATIONSHIPS™” with its employees and clients.

“Hiring U.S. Veterans makes great cents because vets are trained in chain of command, leadership, discipline and understand the values of teamwork” says Jen Gertken in Human Resources at Blattner. “And in the contruction business, teamwork is a value that is part of our working culture. With U.S. Veterans, teamwork is a value that is already within”.

Blattner delivers solutions with a well-trained and responsive workforce, a strong work ethic, a comprehensive safety program and competitive pricing. These standards are vital to our extraordinary level of client satisfaction. The programs, processes and training are interactive and permeate work teams at all levels. The safety goal of zero accidents and injuries is taken seriously and produces unparalleled productivity and quality.

Blattner realizes that the most vital factor to our overall success is the quality of our workforce. Blattner is always looking for high quality individuals to join their team. We encourage our U.S. Veterans to look at their current job openings on HireVeterans.com see if there is a position that fits your interest and experience. Of course, you can always call their job hotline, 888-356-2307.