American Medical Response Joins with to Employ America’s Best


Get to Know Employers who Support Our U.S. Military Veterans

by Lynn Earle PPS, at

American Medical Response, or AMR, the nation’s leading private medical transportation company, providing ambulance service to nearly four million people a year has joined forces with America’s premier job search engine to fill it’s many important jobs.

With over 17,000 employees, American Medical Response employees have the local knowledge and national perspective to anticipate healthcare trends and shape appropriate responses to benefit patients, customers and partners.

From emergency 9-1-1 calls to non-emergency transports to specialized medical teams that serve remote wilderness areas, and more, AMR has the strength to provide patients and customers the right service at the right time.

Their national reach and experience allow them to deliver the right service to communities as well, whether AMR manages the entire emergency medical system or engages in a private-public partnership to best serve an area’s need.

AMR’s leadership is comprised of men and women with an extraordinary combined depth of experience in the ambulance industry. Their medical field crews have extensive training to provide best-in-class care to patients and customers. Their world class safety program for all our employees is second to none, resulting in a remarkable on-the-road safety record. And each of it’s employees are committed to a stronger future, improving each day, for their patients, customers and communities.

Whether it’s a paramedic, EMT, nurse, dispatcher or an employee that supports our medical crews, AMR employees each hold a pivotal role in providing compassionate and responsive care to their patients and customers.

More than three-quarters of AMR employees work directly in patient and customer care. The remaining AMR employees share in the mission of clinical and customer service excellence by supporting our front-line teams.

AMR understands the transition for US Veterans is hard, but should not be complicated by difficulty finding jobs. We encourage US Veterans to apply for jobs at AMR. We make the effort to ensure that US Veterans don’t miss out on the chance to move quickly into jobs related to their skills.

Join the AMR Disaster Response Team!

Disaster Response Team Specialists are paid volunteers that are called upon to respond in the event of a disaster (i.e. Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 scenario, earthquake, etc.)

In addition to “portal to portal” pay, AMR provides all transportation, food, lodging and CISD for deployments of 15-17 days in length.

AMR is looking for:

EMTs and Paramedics
Dispatch personnel
Fleet/Mechanic specialists

To apply or to learn more information, contact:

Alison Tolisano
East Region Human Resources
55 Church Street 6th Floor, New Haven, CT. 06510
P. 203.781.1091
Fax 203.781.1134
Toll Free 866.394.9938
Email: [email protected]

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