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Which Qualification is Most Important?

Give yourself every advantage in job hunting.

Which Qualification is the Most Important:

  • Your Education?
  • Your Capabilities?
  • Your Accomplishments?

In job hunting/job getting, all of these are important but one is even more important than the other two.

Let’s consider each of the above.

A degree and/or high GPA from a prestigious university is impressive, but it also might arouse feelings in the mind of some hiring authorities that could be unhelpful to your cause. My advice is to include it in your resume, but only mention it in a Marketing letter that you send to the hiring authority if you have good reason to believe it will help add to the likelihood of generating an interview. Remember: don’t include a resume with your Marketing letter. Your letter’s purpose is only to generate interviews.

Your accomplishments may well be impressive, but they may also be viewed as irrelevant. The situation at the hiring company might well be so different that the hiring authority won’t be as impressed as you might have thought she or he would be.

Your capabilities are your most important qualification, and they should be the key basis on which you should offer to be of service. After all, they speak directly to the #1 question in the mind of the hiring authority: namely, what can you do for me?

Your competition probably will leave it up to the hiring authority to figure out what you can do for her or him. You shouldn’t. Tell them, directly, clearly, in plain English.

The best-marketed person is who gets the job – because that person is considered the most qualified candidate by the most important person: the hiring authority.

Should you retain a professional career marketing strategist to assist you in your search? There’s certainly much to say for it: reduction in lost opportunities, more choices in those positions that you’re interested in, being in a stronger position to secure the best possible compensation agreements, a substantially quicker job search, and if you retain me: certainty of success.

Give yourself every advantage in job hunting. For most people, the cost of my services turns out to be totally offset by the higher compensation they receive, plus it’s usually 100% tax deductible.

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