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Working Hard to Improve Veteran’s Funeral and Burial Benefits


The 115th Congress has begun in earnest with a flurry of activity, and your NFDA Advocacy staff are on the Hill working for introduction of legislation of importance to funeral service. Now that the dust has settled after the Presidential election and the last minute frenzy of activity in the 114th Congress, it’s time to review some of the good things that happened regarding veterans funeral and burial issues that impact funeral service.

On December 14, 2016 President signed the Charles Duncan Buried with Honor Act of 2016 into law [Public Law No: 114-273]. This bill authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), if it is unable to identify a deceased veteran’s next of kin and if it determines that sufficient resources for the furnishing of a casket or urn for the burial of such veteran are not otherwise available, to furnish a casket or urn for the burial of such a veteran in a national cemetery (current law) or in a veterans cemetery of a state or tribal organization for which the VA has provided a grant for the establishment, expansion, and improvement of veterans’ cemeteries.

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