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Kroger holds nationwide event to hire veterans

Kroger held a nationwide job fair on Tuesday, hoping to fill some of its 20,000 open positions.


By Annie Andersen

However, unlike most job fairs, at this one they were only looking for a certain type of prospective employee- veterans.

From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., veterans and their families were invited to Kroger to apply to any open positions that the stores had.

But that didn’t exactly happen. Despite elaborate setups to entice applicants, a lot of the stores only got one applicant. Some didn’t get any at all.

The district’s human resources coordinator, Brandi Richmond, promised that she was going to keep looking for veterans because of the skill set they bring with them. “Obviously, they are loyal. They are dedicated. They are punctual. They are definitely respectful and hopefully they’ve had a lot of experience in servicing people, so we look forward to utilizing their customer service skills, kind of honing them and tapping in to some of that,” explained Richmond.

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